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Feb 17, 2013 5:00pm PST
for public comment first we have ken stein. mr. ken. thank you very much. >> hello. it's good to see you all. i came to the last meeting and speak for about a minute or a little more than that to say that would be my last meeting. i didn't have an opportunity at that time to tell you why i was leaving to talk about what was going on. i have a prepared statement they would like to read to the council with your her mission. it will run a little over but i would like to read the entire statement. i think it's important to hear, the public, the council, as well as very important for me to say. >> yes, you have permission. >> thank you. my name is ken stein. for the 10 years i have been the program administrator for the mayor's office on disability which is the ada compliance office for the city and county of san francisco. i retired from city employment yesterday. on thursday february 14. my full retirement age under social security is not for another year and i had much and expected to work at mod for at least a few more years. it is impublic for me to do that. there is a fundamen
Feb 3, 2013 8:30pm PST
on the third friday of this the every month. the next meeting is friday, february 15th, 1-4 p.m. and ken stein has an informational item to share with us. >> thank you, i let carla know on wednesday and the rest of staff, that the last day with the mayor's office on disability will be february 14th. i gave them 30 days' notice. i really do not like garish farewells, but this being the last meeting i will be at, it was only right for me to tell you personally. you know, i love the work that i do. i love the work that i have done in the city for the last ten years. i have been doing this work -- this is my 43rd year of that and i'm very proud of the work that i do. i am very proud of the office that i work for and the work that they do. the hard work that the office does and the staff that i work with are remarkable in terms of all that we are asked to do. you know it's been great being the staff member for the council for the last ten years. and not just you, everyone, you know, we're all just passing through for the previous councils, the councils that are going to come after you. it's all a
Feb 24, 2013 3:00pm PST
's disability council. i want to thank ken stein for his great work. it's too bad he is stepping down. "when will we be loved? we have been pushed down. when will the disability be loved? when a find a new city job they want. it always breaks my heart into two. happens every time. i have made -- we have been made blue. we have been lied to. when will we be loved?" and "you're sweet like a disability bee but left my heart in pain. all you left is a famous city song. why don't you bring better disability better along? it's the same disability old song with different item meanings since you have been gone. precious memories keep lingering on. why don't you bring it -- bring it good along? it's the same, same old city song but with a different meanings since you have been gone. precious memories gone. it's the same old song". thanks. >> thank you. james excuse me. can you please say your last name? i didn't want to mess it up. >> that's okay. keonsine. thank you commissioners. it's hard to follow that up. i'm sorry. the reason i am here is not address any of these specific i
Feb 3, 2013 5:00pm PST
evening, everyone, i'm frank somberville. >> i'm heather holmes. ken wayne is in new orleans for our expanded superbowl coverage. >> superbowl xlvii is underway and happening rhino, the san francisco 49ers are taking on the baltimore ravens at the super dome in new orleans. right now, it's a really close game. we are going to get to that in a moment. super perfection. what the 49ers are after with a win today in new orleans. the 49ers would match the pittsburgh steelers with six superbowl crowns. wu #e have live team superbowl coverage from the day area all the way to new orleans, we begin with ken wayne. he is live tonight in the french quarter. ken? >> reporter: even with many people inside watching the game on television, there are still plenty of people outside, enjoying the scene here in the french quarter. a live view of bourbon street from one of the many balconies, you can see looking down bourbon. the street is chose to vehicle traffic and thousands and thousands are people 0 outside. there are 49er fans everywhere here from the bay area and from across the country. they are
Feb 7, 2013 6:00am EST
announces his nominee interior secretary ken salazar. postmaster general pastor donohoo announces the end of saturday mail delivery. "washington journal" is live. >> what i have discovered is the war strategy to achieve happiness and life is to make that your primary goal. if you make your happiness what you are striving for, you will not achieve it. you will be knossos cystic, self-involved, caring -- narcissistic, self-involved. happiness is best as a byproduct of other things. it is a five part of meaningful work -- five part of meaningful work, family, friends, good health, love, and care. we get happiness by throwing ourselves into life projects, involving ourselves and trying to have integrity and be a good person. >> whole foods cofounder and ceo john mackey examines how the good of both dismiss and capitalism can lead to a better world. sunday night at 9:00 on "after word.s." president obama nominated sally jewell for interior secretary. she will replace former colorado senator ken salazar. she would be the first woman nominated for a disposition and the president's second term. w
Feb 6, 2013 11:00am PST
is about to replace ken salazar. >> other members of my cabinet may not agree with that statement, but you can see where he's coming from. the secretary of the interior is in charge of overseeing 500 million acres in places like yellowstone and the grand canyon and protecting our natural heritage for our children and our grandchildren and their children to come. the job also requires keeping an eye on america's future and making smart decisions about how businesses grow and put ourselves on a path towards energy independence. that's not always an easy balancing act. but with enthusiasm and skill and dedication, that's exactly what ken salazar has done over the last four years. we were just reminiscing a little bit. i have known ken since we were running for the senate together and became the only two incoming democrats in our senate class. pete remembers this. it was a lonely time. we actually lived in the same building when we first arrived in washington. you will recall it was discouraging because everyone else who lived there was 20 or 25. we were the two geriatrics in the building. i c
Feb 17, 2013 5:30pm PST
it easier for someone to read and it's little things like that ken helped me like that and they add up to a big thing. i want to share another thing and prior to my job here i was a discharge planner at a skilled nursing facility, a private one here in san francisco. i left -- let's just say i'm on the other side and doing advocacy improving medical rights but had a patient who was deaf and lived in sro and a couple other things going on and they didn't have a tty machine. i'm asking can we get a machine? no. we don't have one. somewhere in the basement or something and i remembered mayor's office on disability and "ken, where can i get one?" he said "you know i have an old one in my desk. you can borrow it". and i did that it made a difference in getting that guy situated and keep in mind this is one guy at a city job and had an old tty and loaned me. this was a major for profit place that wouldn't kick down the $150 to buy one. you should at least have one. i will keep i in my desk. it's things like that lead to a lot of big changes. it's a loss to me for someone like m
Feb 10, 2013 4:45pm EST
] well, good afternoon, everybody. ken salazar likes to saythe department of the interior is actually the department of america. other members of my cabinet may not entirely agree with that statement but you can see where he's coming from. secretary of the interior is in charge of overseeing 500 million acres of public land, including places like yellowstone and the grand canyon and protecting our natural heritage for our children and our grandchildren and their children to come. but the job also requires keeping an eye on america's future and making smart decisions about how we create jobs and help businesses grow and put ourselves on a path towards energy independence and that's not always an easy balancing act. but with enthusiasm and skill and dedication, that's exactly what ken salazar's done for the last four years. we were just reminiscing a little bit. i've known ken since we were both running for the senate together and became the only two incoming democrats in our senate class. pete remembers this. it was a lonely time. we actually lived in the same building when we first ar
Feb 13, 2013 10:00pm PST
to shake up the weather and get moisture in the upper atmosphere. >> if ken's rain dance turn noose the harlem shake we'll see rain. maybe by tuesday. >> we'll see. >> take a look at the forecast. maybe preshake. let's get through tonight, we have fog at the coastline, not like this morning, oakland 44, fremont 40. concord 41. temperature this mo, we've been -- month, we're below normal. san jose 5 degrees below average and halfway through the month. radar is clear, ken can do did harlem shake. ken likes that music. high pressure hanging out. we'll have mainly dry conditions until tuesday. high pressure is moving closer to the coastline. that means the northerly winds that kept us chilly overnight will turn to a northeast wind. that that will get us up near 70 degrees. then we get the changes if you like rainfall you will like. high pressure moves out. onshore flow is back and cold air traps by the golf of las -- gulf of alaska with much-needed rainfall. we're sunny through saturday, isolated 70s. next week we're trending cooler and wetter. 70 degrees for valentine's day. san jose a
Feb 5, 2013 6:00pm PST
and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. >>> continuing coverage on breaking news. >> ken pritchett has just arrived on the scene. ken what have you learned. >> reporter: unfortunately we don't have very much information at all. that's because investigators have not yet been made available to talk to us. we were outside the residence where the crime scene tape is strong. and we are waiting for a public information officer to come over. we have been told that they know the press is here and that at some point they are going to come over and give us some information. we have not been able to confirm whether three people were shot and killed here although those are the reports that are coming out. a command posthas been set up by the sonoma county sheriff's department. and investigators are here at the scene. flood lights are shut off because it is now dark. my understanding is the location the shooting took place, the reported shootings took place is about 100-yard beyond the crime tape where we are. there's a second house out of our view here at the driveway that is appare
Feb 19, 2013 6:00pm PST
coverage tonight. cara liu went up mount diablo to get a closer look and ken pritchett is live in the sierra where the snow is a very welcomed sight. bill martin is tracking the conditions right now. bill-- >> reporter: we have live tracker 2 on top of mount diablo. the snow levels fairly low. just estimates when you take a look at the white line. the mountain goes to over 3,800 feet. snow level could have been below 2,000 feet. you see the snow that has been deposited. and that kind of that wood acre area on the east side. there's the weather system. it's a cold one. right now i'm tracking this area as it comes down the coast right see this area right here. that's got some energy so as it movers in we have a shot for a thundershower or shower from that it's going to hang just offshore. the storm tracker picks up what's left of the showers. gilroy you have some activity but dying down. there's more snow flurries possible. snow flurries still a possibility. when i come back we will put it all together and let you know how much rain we got. >>> snow in the mountain peaks, rain do
Feb 20, 2013 6:00am EST
until iranian elections to get better put that on the table? >> why don't you try, ken? [laughter] >> first, i will answer your specific question. it if you want to be an expert, it's very easy because you need two phrases -- i don't know and it depends. this is one where that applies. i do not know where it's headed or and if it's even possible. theoretically as some threshold where he would be willing to do it, maybe there is no threshold. maybe it exists but it's not realistic for us to ever cross. again, it would realistically make it impossible. in my mind, i'm not convinced that the direct bilateral negotiations are necessary. i think there are a variety of ways to skin and this cat, and i do not think we should make the modalities the be all and end all. we should not argue over the size and shape of the table. if the iranians are comfortable in the p5 + 1, then i'm comfortable. they want bilateral, i'm comfortable there. it's going to be hard enough to get an agreement we can both agree on and to make the negotiations fruitful and have them proceed to the point where we ca
Feb 3, 2013 10:00pm PST
'll get them next year. ken? >> i can't believe somebody actually asked for alex smith back in the game. people get desperate. people in desperate times, desperate ideas come up. but listen to this, we did a little math rear. >> yeah. >> the certain subset, if they are not all that bummed right now. these would be the people where they would put their money where their hearts were that put the wager down and i think that they would cover. >> they might have covered, yeah, yeah. we will go to reno and glen ramirez is standing by. is that a fact? >> reporter: well you know there's a thing around here in reno right now. it doesn't matter if you win or lose, but how you played your bets. there's a lot of fans that went home ejected because their team did not come out victorious with another super bowl victory, but their wallets might have been happier. doesn't matter if a team wins or loses when it comes to proposition betting. gamblers didn't wait for the game to begin to place their bets. some lined up in the dawn's early light to wager on whether or not alicia keys would plague the natio
Feb 2, 2013 6:00pm PST
we've learned from police, neighbors, and witnesses. >>> i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken private. we begin tonight with the super bowl bound san francisco 49ers with. one day until the big game, the team appears as ready as ever. players today were surrounded by family and friends as they took to the field in new orleans for one final walk through before kickoff against the baltimore ravens. players are not the only ones getting ready for game day. from the bay area, to new orleans. football fans spent the day finalizing their super bowl plans. we have live team coverage, ktvu alley rasmus tells us how fans in the bay area are preparing but we begin with ken wayne live in the big easy with the last-minute rush to see the big game in person. >> reporter: you can see the giant roman numerals set up here that people can stop by and take pictures of. a lot of people are out here having a good time and enjoying live music going on. not all of these people are going to be able to go to the actual game. in fact, if you want a ticket, there is still time to get one, but those tickets are goi
Feb 2, 2013 10:00pm PST
-related violence. >> i'm ken pritchett. >> i'm heather holmes and ken wayne is in new orleans. >> the 49ers were busy in new orleans. family and friends surrounded the players aste took to the followed for one final walk through before they balloted the baltimore ravens for the lombardi trophy. we have team coverage of the big match-up covered by latest on the players, including myrick ibaƑez and san francisco steps for the preventing of any game-related velocity. >> reporter: there is a lot of excitement in new orleans. we have these big footballs that are scattered all over the city and as you look around, you can see there is still a lot of active here. there are some here who are bit queasy in the big easy, because they don't have a super bowl ticket, but there is still a lot of excitement, because tomorrow is the big day. what do you do on super bowl eve? you go shopping. >> before we just wanted to have fun and enjoy new orleans, but tomorrow it's about the game. >> reporter: new orleans is decked out with colorful football ornaments, mules are ready to go dashing through the french quar
Feb 13, 2013 5:00pm PST
raising money for his campaign and doing so at the home of facebook founder mark zuckerberg. ktvu's ken pritchett is live outside that home. ken, has the governor arrived yet? >> reporter: no, not yet. we are awaiting his arrival for the dinner party, this fundraiser for a top tear republican may come as a surprise to some as mark zuckerberg has been known to rub shoulders with president obama. >> reporter: sightings of chris christie in the bay area will be rare as he isn't making public appearances. his main destination is for a party at mark zuckerberg's house. >> reporter: he says it is not surprising the facebook ceo is hosting this fundraiser despite mark zuckerberg attending a private dinner with president obama and holding a town hall with the president two years ago. >> not unusual when you think chris christie is not actually far right. he is not ron paul. that would be really change. and president obama isn't exactly far out on the left either. >> reporter: for chris christie the fundraiser with mark zuckerberg should scare off most competition in the race and sets the bar ve
Feb 19, 2013 6:00am EST
, as well. the always forthcoming ken langone will be joining us on set starting at 7:00 eastern as our guest host for two hours. squawk will be hopping behind the wheel this morning. a week ago, there was a huge controversy that erupted over the tells sla. today our own phil lebeau will be taking the vehicle to boston. we'll get to all this in just a moment. andrew has the morning's top headlines. welcome back. >> thank you, becky. let's talk about the big headlines this morning. the office depot is in talk toes merge with smaller rival office max. expected to be a stock for stokz transaction. the deal could come as early as this week. kayla tousche will be joining us to talk about it. >>> also, a dreamliner 787 was forced to make a emergency landing last month. the yet flown by all nippon airways was forced to land after it failed. >>> the carnival krooud cruise ship triumph said a diesel line was touch ago hot surface and caught fire apparently. the investigation into the incident is likely to take as much as six months. we'll likely hear more about that. >>> in tech news, oral argum
Feb 21, 2013 10:00pm PST
of twisted metal. >>> i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. >>> a fire ball all happening on the vegas strip. three people are dead, an aspiring rapper from oakland. this is youtube video of him performing on a maserati on the vegas strip. he was known as kenny clutch. happened at the busy corner of las vegas boulevard and flamingo road, just outside, the strip's most famous hotels, paris, cesar's. edward lawrence on how it all got started. edward. >> ken, this all started very early this morning, about 4:30 this morning. police have few leads that they are following up on. they have a lot of witnesses and evidence they collected at that intersection for the 15 hours it was closed. cell phone video shows the las vegas strip moments after a shooting and multicar accident sent a fire ball into the early morning sky. police say what started as an argument ended in bullets and flames, leaving throw people dead. >> what happened is not just tragic, but under scores the level of violence that we see sometimes here in las vegas as well as across america. >> the trouble began at the say lay
Feb 27, 2013 10:00pm PST
are in. >> oh, hear you? >> the round of rain in the future. [ laughter ] >> ken is not that far off. maybe he's seen the forecast before you. we've got some showers on the radar right now. there's a boundary passing by to our north. i think it will make it as far south as santa rosa. we've got a few rain showers right now, likely not making it to san francisco because it's encountering this ridge of of high pressure which will keep us mainly dry for several more days. we're just getting the fringes of this front. but still there is some moisture out there in the north bay overnight tonight with scattered showers, and all of us have a little extra cloud cover. this high is on the move. it's going to get stronger and closer over the next couple days. and that's going to warm us up. san francisco spent most of the day in the 50s. you'll be in the 70s on friday. everybody will be in the 70s on friday as the winds go from northwest to northeast. it's an offshore wind. then things begin to change. high pressure will move away, and byunday we're down to the low 60s. then this big area of l
Feb 5, 2013 1:35am PST
an airline mistake has ruined his life. >>> good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. airline food is bad enough. but one bay area man tells julie watts, in ra story you'll only see on kpix 5, it's changed everything. >> reporter: for this family, hinduism is more than a religion. it's a way of life. but following a recent flight, that life has been dramatically altered. >> i thought something suspicious. >> reporter: not normal because it was the first time this 34- year-old hindu ever tasted meat. >> there was nothing written on the sandwich. >> reporter: he confirmed via e- mail that his families meals would be meat-free. once on board, the flight attendant assured him again. but a few bites in, he noticed an unfamiliar taste. >> eating meat is considered violent. >> so this is a sin? >> a grievous sin. >> reporter: the professor explains that for some families, hindu families, eating meat is a sin. accidentally eating it can be devastating. she compares it to accidentally eating a pet. >> there's a sense of deep revolu
Jan 31, 2013 6:00pm PST
and thousands of people were left homeless. we went back to the lower 9th ward today and ktvu's ken wayne is in new orleans tonight with a look at the difference that just 4-1/2 miles can make. ken? >> reporter: frank, the convention center in new orleans is the center for a lot of super bowl activity but back in 2005 this was a temporary evacuation center for victims. so lot has changed here but little has changed in the lower 9th ward. >> reporter: this is how the 9 9th ward looked when ktvu visited in 2005. >> water coming in. no power. guys are going crazy. >> the lower 9th ward today is like a ghost town. the neighborhood is runed down, vacant. open lots. vacant homes. but people are trying to bring the neighborhood back. >> do the inside. do the floors. put new cabinets in. >> reporter: he works for a company that rehabs flood damaged houses. it is a slow process. one home at a time. >> one home is better than no homes. >> reporter: with the super bowl a few miles away, he feels like his neighborhood is forgotten again. >> you can walk blocks and the houses are the same like 2005.
Feb 13, 2013 6:00pm PST
christie is attending a fundraiser hosted by facebook's mark zuckerberg. ktvu's ken pritchett is live where proesters gathered. ken? >> reporter: mark zuckerberg's quiet neighborhood is anything but today. helicopters fly -- helicopters flying over head. there are 50 protesters here to let donors arriving at mark zuckerberg's home know about what they describe as chris christie's record as they see it. we are awaiting the arrival of the new jersey governor. he is here for his 2014 reelection campaign for governor. many might be surprised mark zuckerberg would host the fundraiser for chris christie after holding a fundraiser for president obama. they want the guests arriving to know about the governor's record, saying he funded planned parenthood and they are upset with chris christie and mark zuckerberg alive. >> he is the founder of facebook. 58% of facebook users are women. >> reporter: the guest list was kept quiet. we don't know how many people will be here but they can donate $3,800. $3,800 based on new jersey law. it is supposed to start at 6:00 p.m. and go till 8:00 p.m. tonight. we
Feb 13, 2013 8:00pm PST
appreciate all the work you've done also to keep the chapter together and make it a viable entity. ken mali in the back there, the immediate chair and was instrumental in working with lieutenant governor in making this public service announcement which i'm really proud to say i think will give a real shot in the arm to the association as well as to jurors and the jury in general going forward. karen cansino, very instrumental in the distribution of our gazette, we're putting the gazette -- it was in the examiner two weeks ago. 130,000 copies distributed around the city. so, hopefully it fell in the hands of 130,000 people. and we are also distributing in all the libraries around the city. and while in speaking engagements, we talk about the civil grand jury. it is an excellent outreach item for us. we also have hal smith who is on the board [speaker not understood], and our current foreperson, mark [speaker not understood]. would you like to say anything about your jury service? >> well, i'm very grateful, one, to be selected. two, to have an incredible group of jurors to work with, represe
Feb 2, 2013 6:00pm EST
, hot dogs, wings? and throw in nachos. ken is talking with some fans about what they are going to be doing for food tomorrow, ken. >> as you just saw, wusa9's blitz and glitz team is in new orleans. we are out here hanging out with these conditions and last minute super bowl party procrastinators who are burying the snow coming down on us to get their last minute items. this is the giant supermarket out here in bethesda. and you can see that the manager has taken it upon himself to stock up the shelves, lots of cakes, ravens on him, the 49ers. party trays. lots of potato chips. hot items we are being told. ice and chicken wings. we spoke to some customers who say despite these conditions out here, they need to stock up for tomorrow. take a listen. >> it's a little crowded. a little busy. some of the shelves are empty. >> i'm voting for the ravens. >> because the redskins didn't make it, the next best thing is the ravens. so i'm going for the ravens. >> back out live here. i want to show you the weather. what it looks like. a lot of folks driving through this weather, tryi
Feb 10, 2013 1:35am EST
sister. ken reports the teen had been caring for the baby. >> police say this all happened sometime thursday night into friday morning inside an apartment here at the 11600 block of lockwood in silver spring. according to police, the mother, gloria, had left her seven month old baby in the care of her 14-year-old brother, jonathan thursday night. she then went off to work. when she returned, the baby was unconscious. paramedics rushed her to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. >> our homicide investigators were called in to begin an investigation. one, they determine thad there were injuries on her body that were not self-inflicted. >> according to montgomery county police, the teen told investigators he hit the baby and he put his hand over her mouth and nose until she stopped crying and breathing. >> the 14-year-old just lost his life, too. >> people we spoke to outside the apartment say they were shocked to hear of the details. maryland law allows a 14-year- old to be a care giver, but now some are wondering if the mother should have allowed it despite the law. >> he
Feb 12, 2013 6:00pm EST
an hour, there will be a vigil at the school's west chapel. our reporter, ken molestina joins us live from that area with more. ken. >> reporter: lesli, as many people would imagine, a very somber mood here on the university of maryland campus. you know, yet again, a very tragic event. it happened off of campus. the shock waves are being felt here, once again, we are seeing how this tragedy affects the student body here as well as administrators. we spoke to some of the chaplains that are planning this memorial service. we spoke a little bit about what they will talk about and they said there's going to be a lot of prayer. there's going to be a reading and all of it will be remembering the lives that were lost, including that of the shooter. take a listen. >> i think the community experiences a lot of pain and tragedy when things like this happen. it's important to make a space for people to come together. and feel the love and support of their community and to know there are others who will stand with them. >> once again, this all begins in an hour. we're told the university president
Feb 5, 2013 11:30pm PST
. happening now, ktvu's ken wayne is live along ross station road in forestville where he's learned the three male victims were found together in a back bedroom of that house. ken-- >> reporter: julie, homicides in this part of the area are rare, homicides are unheard of. the chief tells us he has not heard of one since the 1980s. investigators have been going in and out of the area. three men were shot and killed here but he is not releasing many details. he does say people associated with the victims are cooperating with authorities. and that hopefully will lead to the identity of the person or persons responsible for this crime. investigators say this was not a murder suicide but they would not say much more about the crime scene. >> there did not appear to be a struggle and they died of gunshot wounds. >> kind of an execution style. >> i'm not going to discuss. >> reporter: is it a murder suicide? >> it is not a murder suicide. >> reporter: the bodies found together in one bedroom of the one of the houses in this property. the area is surrounded by dense vegetation. the detective was aske
Feb 1, 2013 5:00pm PST
. until sunday game time. >> coming up at 5:30, we'll go back to new orleans live. that's where ken wayne is on bourbon street tonight. ken tells us it is a mad house there right now. >> a mystery as to the body of a teenage girl was found. her body was discovered at alan witt park. you've gotten new information from business police about that body that was found. >> reporter: we just talked to fairfield police who are in town because of this case. they confirmed that the body found was that of a girl who was reported missing yesterday evening about 5:45. this is a park where she was found. sheps found over there in that parking area kind of near the garbage cans down there. police are try to figure out exactly what happened and who indeed she was. they're not confirming exactly who she was to us. we are at alan witt community park. it was about 6:45 this morning when a passer by spotted the body and reported it to police. the parking lot and park was cordoned off. police would not describe the body other than to say there were no obvious signs of trauma. this afternoon they did say her b
Feb 5, 2013 10:00pm PST
us they expect to be processing evidence all night long. happening now, ktvu's ken wayne is live along ross station road in forestville where he's learned the three male victims were found together in a back bedroom of that house. ken-- >> reporter: julie, homicides in this part of the area are rare, homicides are unheard of. the chief tells us he has not heard of one since the 1980s. investigators have been going in and out of the area. three men were shot and killed here but he is not releasing many details. he does say people associated with the victims are cooperating with authorities. and that hopefully will lead to the identity of the person or persons responsible for this crime. investigators say this was not a murder suicide but they would not say much more about the crime scene. >> there did not appear to be a struggle and they died of gunshot wounds. >> kind of an execution style. >> i'm not going to discuss. >> reporter: is it a murder suicide? >> it is not a murder suicide. >> reporter: the bodies found together in one bedroom of the one of the houses in this property
Feb 5, 2013 4:30am PST
is heard. ken salazar said the land should be returned to wilderness status the owner must leave. >>> in just a few hours the 49ers will clear out their locksers at the time's headquarters. >>> and yesterday, they were there when 49ers returned home from new orleans after their up credibility come back for the 49ers had the loss. >> we need to support them. >> they are scheduled to clean out their lockers and they will gather before jim harbaugh holds his final press conference of the season. whew! whew! and they are welcoming the team back home and he can they are exciting to see the 49ers return to the super bowl. the new stadium is on track to open for the 2014 season and now they are in a high is a battle and they are -- high steaks battle and when they look at everything and all the beauty as a region, we simply can't be beat. >> 49ers want the owners to know about a super bowl blackout. the state-of-the-art facility will have its own power plan and electricity service. >>> the president is hosting two separate meetings, one with labor leaders and the other with ceos of majo
Feb 11, 2013 2:00am PST
to the project. ken mali, script writer, director and producer brought this idea to reality. * we also acknowledge and thank the man behind the camera, richard. and who edited and filmed the psa. and finally my thanks to my tga partner and our vice president bolting house and to my colleague and predecessor keith north for their leadership in moving the psa to the fruition and launch today and to all others that were involved. on behalf of the california grand jurors association, i cannot emphasize strongly enough how this effort and the resulting product advanced preservation and the promotion of the grand jury institution which our constitutional forefather's thought so important to democracy in california. from william e. trout man, california grand jurors association, president. (applause) >> well, finally, i want to thank all of you for being here for this event and for helping to shine light on what i've begun to call california's best kept secret. so, from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of the california grand jurors association, thank you for all your help. and please, on
Feb 15, 2013 3:30pm PST
report to also honor ken stein. at the last meeting he let you know he was retiring and yesterday was his last day with our office and it was good to hear from him today and to hear his message and we are going to miss him and i know that you will too. so that concludes my director's report, but at this point i would like to ask heather kitel to go over the complaints we received last month and the request for service for accommodation that came in within the last month. >> thank you. >> good afternoon council. this month we received 102 inquiries. 85% were from the public and 14% of these inquiries were from city departments. our office provided technical assistance for 24% of these contacts. we also provided information and referrals for 66% of these contacts and we conducted service requests for 24% of the contacts. the topics of the inquiries were about service and support animals and disability accommodations and housing, businesses and education and employment. contacts also requested information about affordable housing, benefits and case management services. people al
Feb 4, 2013 3:30am EST
wanted to bring ken meares and have him talk to you about it, talk to the people in this area about it and because it's a wonderful thing. when you find something good it's just like jesus. >>you want to share it! >you got to share it! >don't you-- you got to share it. >>right. >well, were going to spend the whole night sharing tonight and um it's just a little teeny tiny pill. the tiniest little pill you could ever imagine. and it... i can't imagine that little pill doing that much great work. but i haven't been in pain so i haven't tried it. but uh can you do... you just take these with you even if you don't have pain? >>absolutely. the normal dosage is two a day, and kens going to go into that and also dr. downey. i don't want to um... >>actually i'm not an expert. i just know i'm pain free! >were just waiting. were just kind of- >... telling them a little bit before we get started here. but we want to welcome ken meares the founder, the ceo of great healthworks. i'm so glad you're here ken. (applause). >>thank you. thank you. >i had a wonderful afternoon with you and- >>yes we d
Feb 5, 2013 6:30am EST
that are here. people started gathering this morning, we have ken and charlie here. ken has been here since 11:00 last night. tell me, you wanted a up close and personal view. you didn't want to misyour spot in line. >> this is a one in a lifetime opportunity to say thank you too the ravens. mr. lewis, for what he has meant to baltimore. >> what is going through your minds. you have been here early. >> yes, i have. i am ecstatic. it's a once in a lifetime. flacco to pull all the haters and doubters, jones, he is not going to a super bowl in his lifetime. proved him wrong. >> reporter: yes. these are die hard fans, too. you knew they could make it. once we got past denver. >> we are here. lots of excitement, fans already down here at city hall, gathering ready for the victory parade. big huge celebration coming. we porting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. here at abc2 news we are welcoming the ravens home, live coverage at 10:30 this morning. if you can't watch tv, watch it on line. we are going to stream the parade at the national aquarium is offering a discount to fans, if you
Feb 19, 2013 9:00am EST
, senior fellow in the saban center, and ken is finishing a book right now on the challenge of iran which you will be able to look for in bookstores later this year. so we're very happy to have ken with us to provide some comments on this topic as well. what we'll do is have a little bit of a conversation up here, and then we'll open it up for questions from the floor, and why don't we jump right in with, with some of these recent developments. there's now a date set for the next round of international negotiations to be held inial matty, that distinguished diplomatic capital. one wonders if perhaps that quieter location will allow a little bit of distance from the glare of the cameras. do you expect much progress? what do you expect from these long-delayed, long-awaited talks? >> thanks, tamara, very much. it's a pleasure to be with you all. i can't think of a more wonderful crowd to bring in out of the rain. [laughter] for what has been the longest-running nonevent discussions about iran. [laughter] in this town for some time. i wish i could say i thought that almaty would produce somet
Feb 23, 2013 6:30am PST
and economic crisis expert, ken, should we be taking very seriously the sequester and what that will do in the near term to the u.s. economy? >> the sequester is not just a cut back, but a very crude cut back, sort of just chop one finger off at every hand instead of letting somebody go. i think it was designed that way because the idea was this will force us to do something. but now they haven't. >> i'm starting to hear people in washington say, look, this is going to force some efficiencies in these agencies. they've had budgets that have been getting bigger and bigger for years, stimulus thrown into all different kind of safety net fund funds. maybe this is just tough medicine. >> it might force efficiencies into some agencies, though they really weren't planning for it, so they're having to do it pretty hectically. some agencies you don't want to cut. across the board cuts are a very crude way to run policy. do you want to cut your research and development, medical care, projects where you promised to pay and may end up losing a lot of money? the problem is it's so crude. they said,
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